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Wedding photography by Chris Jeffrey



If you are thinking of getting married, congratulations and we wish you well in your life together. We hope that on this page you will find everything you would like to know about getting married at St Mary’s Platt.

In order to make your wedding day extra-special we aim:

  • to help your wedding, and its preparations to be a stress free and enjoyable experience from start to finish
  • to help you with choices that will make your wedding an individual and special occasion
  • to provide you with opportunities to focus on all that your marriage will mean to you, as well as the wedding service itself.
  • to acknowledge that marriage is always a life changing experience (no matter how long you have been living with your partner) and to ask God, however you understand him, to bless you both as you start this new time in your life.



Wedding photography by Chris Jeffrey


Discuss getting married with the vicar

If you are interested in this option, please ring me on 01732 882447 for a chat. I will not try to persuade you towards anything but will be able to offer friendly, unpressured information and support.  I am happy to speak about having a church wedding with anyone including: those who are of any faith or none; who have been divorced; or who do not live in the parish. Costs are very similar to arranging a civil registrar. Service styles can vary from the couple in everyday clothes with two witnesses to the traditional white wedding.

Congratulations and God Bless, Revd Lorraine.



What’s involved? Countdown to your Wedding

To discuss what is involved and/or to book a date for your wedding, please telephone the vicar, Revd Lorraine Turner on 01732 882447.

Sylvia will arrange a time when you can both come for an interview to formally book your wedding date. For the interview, please bring with you:

  • your passports
  • the full names of your fathers
  • your father’s occupations
  • the name of the parish(es) in which you live if you do not live Platt*
  • the name of the church in which you were christened (baptised) where relevant
  • £100 (cheque or cash) returnable deposit

* You can find out which parish you live in by visiting the Church of England website:

We need a deposit because we don’t want to turn someone away because you have booked a date that you don’t subsequently use.

In January or February of the year in which you are to be married, Sylvia Woodward, the wedding secretary, will send you a letter detailing what you need to do before the wedding. This includes such things as deciding upon (where applicable) flowers (more about flowers) and music (more about music), dates your Banns will be called (What are Banns?), sorting out details of the service with the vicar, the date of your marriage preparation session and a date for your wedding rehearsal.

Do come to Church to hear your Banns read.

Check your Order of Service with the priest taking the service before it is printed. S/he or Sylvia Woodward can help you with this if you are preparing one yourself.

Send the balance of your fees to Sylvia one month before your wedding.

Come to a marriage preparation session

Come to your wedding rehearsal, usually on the Thursday before your wedding.

Enjoy your Wedding Day!



Wedding photography by Chris Jeffrey


What does ‘Calling the Banns’ mean?

Before you can be married in church you must have your Banns read or ‘called’ in three services here in St Mary’s Platt during the three months before your wedding day. They also need to be read in the Parish Church of the parish in which you live, if you do not live in Platt. This is a legal requirement, and calls on anyone who knows a reason why you should not be married to raise an objection, for example if you were still married to someone else! This is, of course, almost always a formality, but it is still a part of the legal process.


Do you have to be married on a Saturday?

Not at all, indeed, couples often find that it is considerably cheaper to be married on another day of the week. We can’t guarantee a full choir on a week day, if you want one, but we can usually meet your needs.


Is a church wedding expensive?

No, it can be less expensive than some Registry Offices or other premises licensed to conduct weddings


What is a Marriage Blessing?

This is a service offered to people who are already legally married. It can be a big occasion for some, following a quiet wedding at a Registry Office. For others it will be a service to mark a particular wedding anniversary, or other special event.

Please discuss this with Sylvia.




There are several options available to you for decorating the church on your special day.


To have two altar pedestals (as per normal Sunday services), made in white or cream the charge is £75 and other arrangements are by request.


It is possible for the church flower arranging team to undertake additional special arrangements in the church, free of labour costs. The cost of these arrangements varies; please see the attached sheet with all the details. The cost includes all the flowers, foliage and materials.

You may if you wish employ a florist, or ask family and friends to arrange the flowers. There are no costs for this but all materials and containers must be provided by you or your florist. You are welcome to use the pedestals already in church.

In ALL the options the flowers may be removed after the service with the exception of the altar pedestals which must remain in church for the Sunday services.

Please download the wedding flower order form and when you have decided which option you would like please let the Vicar and/or Sylvia (the wedding secretary) know. Then could you please ring Mrs Sarah Varney-Burch (01732 884476) to discuss all the details for the option you have chosen. If you are having additional flowers it is often easier to meet in church so you can see where the arrangements might go. You can then complete and return the attached form.

NB Please still ring even if you are doing the flowers yourself then we can adjust our rota.

Thank you

The Flower Arranging Team



If you would like the organ to be played at your wedding, you should contact Sarah de Mattos (01732) 353487, who will arrange a meeting to discuss the music with our organist Sara Skyrme. (see the Contacts Page). Sara will be able to help you choose, if you are unsure what music you would prefer. You may also choose to have the church choir to lead the singing of hymns and to sing choral works during the signing of the registers. If you would prefer a soloist to perform during the signing of the registers, please let Sarah know.


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