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Another Award for Village News magazine!

From the judges: “The results of the 2011 National Parish Magazine Awards have at last been finalised, and, as ever the standard was very high mainly due to the larger number of entries this year. Congratulations are in order as we are pleased to inform you that out of 620 entrants your magazine has come Overall 3rd and Winner of the Best Editor Award in the National Parish Magazine Awards 2011.”

This award winning publication is printed ten times each year with double isssues covering August / September and December / January. We are able to distribute 900 free copies throughout the parish, due to the generous support of our advertisers. (see below for advertising rates) If you live in the parish but have not received this month’s magazine please contact the editor.

The editor welcomes contributions focussed on life in the parish or on other matters of interest in the life of the church and community. Submissions should be sent (preferrably by e-mail) to the editor as far in advance of the copy date as possible. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to print all material submitted and the editor’s decision is final.


Editor: Jane Sankey, (01732) 883212
Sub-editor: Lucilla Mackay, (01732) 882045

Please send all submissions to Jane at
Orchard House, 71 Sevenoaks Rd, Borough Green, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 8AR

or e-mail: martinandjane@potters-hill.co.uk

and to Lucilla at
The Mount, Crouch Lane, Borough Green, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 8LU

or e-mail: lucilla@themount65.co.uk

Advertising Rates for Village News

930 copies of Village News are printed and distributed free to houses in Platt parish, and beyond.

Could an advertisement in it benefit your business?


Advertising Rates for 2018

Premium Position on the inside cover in colour

half page advert – £305 per annum

Quarter page advert – £155 per annum


General advertising within the magazine

Half Page – £24 per month, £192 per annum (10 issues) for black and white

£33 per month, £264 per annum (10 issues) for colour


Quarter Page – £12 per month, £96 per annum (10 issues) for black and white

£17 per month, £136 per annum (10 issues) for colour


NOTICE BOARD (small ads. up to 20 words) – £6 per month, £48 per annum


Enquiries regarding advertisements to
Richard Hughes, Advertising Manager, contact richardvhughes@yahoo.co.uk

Please give your name, full address and contact number together with details of your advert when you send your cheque, which should be made payable to ST MARY’S PLATT PCC.

If out of local area, please enclose an A5 SAE for the relevant copy of Village News and a receipt.



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2018 Copy Dates for Village News

(Submission dates for articles)

Magazine issue Copy Date Collation Date
  • February 2018
  • Wednesday 10th Jan
  • Friday 26th Jan
  • March
  • Wednesday 7th February
  • Friday 23rd February
  • April
  • Wednesday 7th March
  • Friday 23rd March
  • May
  • Wednesday 18th April
  • Friday 4th May
  • June
  • Wednesday 9th May
  • Friday 25th May
  • July/August
  • Wednesday 6th June
  • Friday 22nd June
  • September
  • Wednesday 8th August
  • Friday 24th August
  • October
  • Wednesday 5th September
  • Friday 21st September
  • November
  • Wednesday 10th October
  • Friday 26th October
  • December 2018 / January 2019
  • Wednesday 7th November
  • Friday 23rd November

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