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You can have a belief in God, and a faith without prayer, but like any relationship, without contact and communication it will not grow or develop. The love and commitment might still be there but you only have to think about how important phone calls, emails and letters are from those we love, to realise that being in contact with others is a vital part of our relationship with them.

In this church we believe that our prayer life makes us better – not better than you, nor better than our next door neighbour – but better than the ‘us’ we would have been.

Our prayers lead to action. It may be confined to our own personality but, more often than not, it leads to action in this community and beyond.

Prayer Requests

If you would like to ask the church for prayer for yourself or on behalf of another, you can speak confidentially to our Vicar, Revd Lorraine Turner (01732 882447), Readers, Dominic de Mattos (01732) 353487 or Jane Sankey (01732) 883212, or you can send an email. your request can be anonymous if you wish, although it is necessary to put in your e-mail address to protect us and others from spam hackers. You can also put a request slip into the prayer request box in the porch at the back of the church and these are collected these together for prayer throughout the week.

March 2017

PRAYER DIARYprayerwalk

Moonless darkness stands between
Past, the Past no more be seen!
But the Bethlehem star may lead me
To the sight of Him who freed me
From the self that I have been.
Make me pure, Lord: Thou art holy;
Make me meek, Lord: Thou wert lowly;
Now beginning, and alway:
Now begin, on Christmas Day.
Gerard Manley Hopkins

In the months of December and January we pray to God…

during Advent, God of Hope, give hope to those all over the world who long for basic gifts – food for those aching with hunger, a dry place to rest with a roof over their heads, an education to open a door to a job, justice for those denied justice; – and to those imprisoned unfairly, the persecuted, those forgotten by the outside world – and the people of Zimbabwe
at Christmas time, God of Light, draw us out of darkness into your glorious light, pour your compassion on those who struggle with personal darkness, confusion, temptations, loss of family life, home, job, health, mobility, freedom. May the Christ Child draw us into the light, his warmth and safety
…the God of Light. In this season of celebrations, we give thanks for the joys of time with family and friends. Pour your compassion on those for whom the season brings loneliness and distress, and pain in the loss of those who brought light and joy into our lives in the years gone by
Lord, for the year that comes to an end we give thanks for your presence ever with us, rejoicing with us, weeping with us, the good memories of the passing year, constant friends and family, new friends, new beginnings, babies, homes and jobs
…with hopes and prayers for the new year ahead. Give us strength to continue the good intentions we have at the beginning of the year. May we remember your promise that your love is inexhaustible
…throughout the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 18th – 25th January, we pray that the whole church may lead the world with this year’s theme ‘THAT ALL MIGHT BE FREE’.  Let us pray and work for all who are held captive, whose human rights are abused by human trafficking or modern-day slavery, those who are addicted to pornography, gambling or drugs, and those who are in debt
… for those whose family lives are not free or safe, those who have fled their homes and countries, all refugees, and those suffering domestic abuse or violence.
Let the imprint of your love be seen in every troubled country
Lord of the years, we give our thanks and praise


During the month of December we will be remembering in our prayers those who live in
Brickmakers Meadows, The Ferns and Maidstone Road and during January, those who live in Crouch and Crouch Lane
The Anglican Cycle of Prayer lists a prayer focus for each day of the year, covering every province and diocese in the Anglican Communion. Each day Christians throughout the world join together through the Cycle of Prayer to pray for the church in every part of the world and for the people that the church serves.

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