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The Creed


The Creed comes from the Latin ‘credo’ or ‘I believe’.

It is a statement of our faith.

The Nicene Creed is used in the Communion Service and dates back to A.D. 325. There is also the Apostles Creed (used in services of Morning and Evening Prayer and dating back to c. A.D.150) and a more contemporary and shorter Affirmation of Faith that is sometimes used.

The Creeds state that:

We believe in one God, although we understand him as Creator/Father, as Jesus the Son who lived on earth and also as the Holy Spirit, the invisible presence of God in the world today.

We believe that Jesus is God’s Son and came to earth, that by his teaching and example we can understand more of God’s will for us and his World.

We believe that Jesus died and rose again, breaking the power that death has over us and assuring us of God’s loving forgiveness for all who admit their sins and desire to change.

We believe that the Church can support us in living out God’s love in the world,

that those who have died already with this faith are with God

who forgives our sins,

and that eternal life is God’s gift to those who love him.


Why does God seem to abandon us?


We only have to read our newspapers to know
that there is terrible suffering in the world.
Sometimes we too have our lives touched by personal tragedy.
It is quite natural at such times to feel that our faith is being severely tested
and even to wonder if God has abandoned us.

It is perhaps worth reminding our selves that
God did not intervene when Jesus was crucified.

Being a Christian is not a spiritual life policy but a map.

We believe that we are not abandoned but guided by God,
who created a free universe.
We know, through the words and life of Jesus,
that God shares in our suffering,
longs for our good
and will strengthen us by his Holy Spirit.


If you want to learn more.

There are a number of sources if you want to learn more:

The Readers, Jane Sankey and Dom de Mattos, are always pleased to talk to anyone who
who wants to explore their faith further

Christian Book Shops : there is one in Maidstone, in Brewer Street, and
one in Tonbridge, in Quarry Hill Parade.

Log on to : the Church of England website, or www.christianity.org

Come to a service : Take a look at our Services page and decide if you would prefer a service that uses traditional language or one that is more contemporary,
whether perhaps you want a quiet service (such as 8.00am or the midweek service)
or one with choir and provision for children.

If you come to a Communion service we hope that, if you are not used to receiving the bread and wine in church, you will feel welcome to come to the altar for a blessing with everyone else.

We look forward to welcoming you at church.


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